that is how i feel when they take shows off Netflix

they took off:

Dr. Who

Pokemon shows that where awesome

Myth Busters

so i say



fun pictures

fun pictures

iv made hundreds of pictures and i will show you a few:


the best way to take a picture is keep the camera still.

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I will now be doing one post per week if i can. i hope this will let my facts last!


Fun Frog Facts! Ribbit!

did you know? dancing frogs use dances to communicate since they cant be heard over the noise of waterfalls.

did you know? bullfrogs eat other frogs whole!

did you know? the smallest frog is as big as your fingertip! its called the Microfrog.

did you know? the biggest frog is as big as a rabbit. its called the Goliath frog.

did you know? brightly colored frogs (besides green ones) are usually poisonous.

did you know? the Terribilis is only a tiny bright yellow frog. seems harmless right? wrong! the Terribilis is the worlds most deadly frog! it has enough poison to kill 20000 mice!

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Fun Cat facts! Yaaaaaaay!

did you know? cats ALWAYS land on there feat.

did you know? there are more cats than i know.

did you know? cats can have many different lengths of fur.

did you know? lots of people love cats but they are mostly women.

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Blog Facts! yaaaaaaay?

a good blog site is always being updated or at least once a week.

a good blog has an intro, body, and a conclusion.

a good blog is always edited at least 2 times.

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