Fun Food Facts! Yaaaaaaaay!

did you know? non-organic food is covered in chemicals that make the food LOOK fresh.

did you know? organic foods don`t have as much chemicals as other food.

did you know? if you eat boxed and unhealthy food all your life you will probably get M.S.

did you know? if you don`t eat enough fruits and veggies you will become unhealthy.

did you know? if you eat beans and rice all your life than you will have horrible farts (like me).

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Fun Snake Facts! Yaaaaaay!

Did you know? Garter snakes are pretty harmless.

Did you know? snakes use big scales on their bellies to move.

Did you know? snakes can hibernate in huge groups.

Did you know? all snakes can be family pets out of cages.

Did you know? snakes are ticklish.

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